May 17

The 2014 Brussels EU Parliament Elections


In its parliamentary elections, the Brussels EU gives the People of Europe the opportunity to choose 766 members for the European Parliament.

Unbeknown to most European people, however, the real rulers of Europe are the 28 members of the so-called European Commission. Functioning as the executive body of Europe, historical documents show that the European Commission was designed by the Oil and Drug Cartel during WWII with the goal of ruling over the entire continent of Europe outside of any democratic control. http://www.eu-facts.org/en/roots/inde… All legislation produced in Europe today derives from this Commission, a body of unelected, largely unknown individuals who are only subject to the will of corporate interests. Moreover, the European Parliament lacks even the most basic element of any democracy, namely, the right to initiate its own legislation.

A such, if you live in Europe, your only real option in elections for the European Parliament is to not cast a vote. Any other action is a vote for the undemocratic “Brussels EU”.

Instead of supporting the Brussels EU we urge you to support the Europe for the People, by the People petition. http://www.eu-referendum.org/english/… Based on a constitution for Europe proposed by survivors of Auschwitz and other WWII Nazi concentration camps, this petition calls for the right to health, the right to life, the right to natural food, the right to a healthy environment, respect for human dignity and the protection of social values.

The Call for a Movement of Life, which can be signed by everybody, wherever in the world they live, expands on this petition and takes it to the global level. http://www.movement-of-life.org/takea…

To learn about the origins of the Brussels EU, we recommend you read this free online book: http://www.relay-of-life.org/nazi-roo…

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