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Here is what happens in the Greek Mass Media..

prof-g-zouganelisby Prof. Dr. G. Zouganelis

Selected people of the “system” of no productivity need a salary to survive and to make propaganda as much as G. Papandreou’s “MONEY EXIST” opinion remains strong. As they had not any special talent, a job in TV became the easy solution for the system to give them job. It is not strange that in this poor country some of them have millions of euro in the banks. It is strange that the names of some of them can be found in the Lagarde’s list. The Greek Justice does not touch them. Why?

The number of mass media and the number of journalists in Greece is larger than the number Japan has in all Tokyo area. This is rubbish.

The loans governments give to some of the TV stations have a reason. They treat them like a special public sector.

In Greece for long time people became angry with behavior of two specifically channels at most. It is not only the stupidity or propaganda they show to their viewers, it is the bad behavior which they show to society and its problems. Nobody believes the statistics they present neither the elections results!

Mega Channel and Skai Channel is really a pain in the ass for the democracy in Greece. What is behind?

The journalists of this channel have overestimated their role in society. USA has to move in the correct direction to this problem also. “Correct” means “feelings” is not important. Right? Dead meat cannot survive. USA should stop to ask from wrong persons to do correct job. Simple.

Please enjoy the behavior and respect of some journalists of Vardinoyiannis, Psycharis and Bobolas Mega Channel TV to a minister of SYRIZA government with special needs. It is shame on them. What you will see is racism. I do not like racism.


I do not support any political part in Greece, but what I see in this video is against my sensitivity. No “men” can deliver such behavior. What is behind that?

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