Aug 09

Big Brother is Watching

From Science Fiction to Reality: the Government is employing both Pre-Crime technology and new, frightening surveillance technologies. These are just a portion of such technologies: Pre-Crime spotlights to bathe people in red light, F.A.S.T., Streetlights to monitor your every move and record your conversations, License Plate Scanners, Bugs and Tracking/Listening Devices being put into everyday appliances, Miniature Drones, Cockroaches and other insects with Listening Devices, X-ray vans to see inside your house or vehicle, and new lasers that can detect every molecule inside or on your body, and even Taser Bracelets for airplanes. Unfortunately, all of these devices actually exist. Some of these devices have not yet been employed, but make no mistake, they are coming.
This is straight out of 1984, folks. This isn’t to make us safe. This is for the government to track your every move. It’s called the Panopticon. And there is only one reason why they are getting away with this. It’s because of YOU. Every person who chooses not to speak out is silently submitting. It’s time to make a stand. Enough is enough!

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