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Δύο υπέροχες συνεντεύξεις του Jean Pierre Garnier Malet στα Αγγλικά..


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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet. In 1988 he made ​​an astonishing discovery relating to the properties of time. It was published between 1998 and 2006, his theory about the Doubling Theory of Time brings us many scientific brake throughs. Above all, it can explain the mechanism of life, our thoughts and how to use our best intuitions, instincts and premonitions that this Doubling provides us. The Doubling Theory by Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet has been the subject of four successive scientific publications in an international journal “referees”.

We are duplicated in spaces and times in periodic doubling.
To survive, temporal openings are connecting us to passed and future.
For a good life, it is necessary to know and control them.

Dependent on a solar cycle and an essential property of time, a doubling makes us live in two different times, as a consequence giving us the possibility of anticipating our best future and choosing the favorables moments for each one of our actions. Permanent exchanges of information with that which “duplicates us” make it possible to control the dangerous but passioning chance and avoid a safe but choking predestination.

With the appearance of continuity, time passes only from time to time.

Like the mass, space or our cells, it is “full of emptiness”. The dilation of this vacuum accelerates it, making available another faster life time which enables us to try out the future. So the unconscious is only the conscious of so fast moments that it remains out of conscience. However, it modifies our present instantaneously. By ignorance, we do not control this vital part of our being, duplicated in a different time. While knowing and using our doubling-unfolding, we can optimize our future possibilities, while remaining free to act in our present time.

The purpose of the discontinuity of time is to give to us permanent information in “temporal openings” unperceivable which arrive to us in the form of intuitions, suggestions and premonitions.

Our body is obliged to follow these instructions to obtain its vital balance. By ignoring them , we develop a stress with his inevitable procession of problems, anguishes, leading to physical or psychic disorders.
While following them, we can detect the problems in advance, envisage the solutions, find the projects useful or essential, give up others without regrets.

Without never harming the freedom of each one , they enable us to build a future pleasant potential and to give a precise purpose to our life.

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